Jason’s Priorities

Climate Change

While Tallahassee Republicans want to deny climate change at every chance, those of us in South Florida know better. We’ve seen the flooded streets and the rising sea levels. We need to work together and act now to both curb climate change and prepare for its effects on our neighborhoods.

Give Workers a Living Wage

Nobody can deny that the cost of living in District 38 has gone up dramatically over the past few years. While the world flocks to our beaches and resorts, thousands of working families end up getting left in the dust, stuck with escalating rent and food costs, while enduring stagnant wages. That’s why Jason supports a living wage of $15 an hour.

Protect Our Neighborhoods

Gun violence continues to rip our neighborhoods apart. We need leadership in Tallahassee that isn’t afraid to stand up for common sense gun laws and will work to keep our community safe. As a former prosecutor, nobody is more prepared to take on this challenge than Jason Pizzo.

Invest in Our Children

Regardless of location or family income, every child in District 38 deserves a quality education. That’s why Jason is committed to smart education reforms that put the emphasis back on student achievement and make sure our schools have the funding they need for our children to succeed.

Transit Solutions

Traffic isn’t just slowing down our commutes, it’s slowing down our economy. Jason Pizzo is committed to supporting innovative solutions to traffic in South Florida by providing the leadership necessary to ensure our local tax dollars are supporting our local infrastructure through roads, bridges, and transit projects.

Ethical Leadership

Our community leadership in Tallahassee must set a higher standard when it comes to ethics and accountability. Unfortunately, we have seen far too many stories of our leaders across the state and right here at home engaging in unethical behavior that puts their interests before the needs of the people. This has to stop.

LGBTQ Equality

Jason is committed to fighting for our LGBTQ community in District 38. He strongly opposes “license to discriminate” legislation that allows employers to invoke religion to legally discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation.